Shoji Nishio

Shoji Nishio

4 Episodes

Shoji Nishio (December 5, 1927 – March 15, 2005) held the rank of 8th Dan from the Aikikai. He joined Aikikai Hombu Dojo in 1951 and began to teach around 1955. He was known as one of the great technical masters of the art of aikido and as a mentor possessing great integrity, honor, and moral character.

Nishio studied and excelled in many martial arts. In addition to his aikido training, he studied judo (6th dan), karate (5th dan ), iaido (7th dan ) and jodo. He seamlessly merged his skills into his own unique aikido style.

He held the title of an Aikikai shihan and also created a new school of Iaido with forms from aikido, called Aiki Toho Iaido or Nishio-ryu Iai. In 2003 Nishio received the Budo Kyoryusho award from Japanese Budo Federation for his lifetime contribution to development and worldwide propagation of aikido.

Stories about Shoji Nishio:

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Shoji Nishio
  • Nishio Aikido: Part 1: Gyakuhanmi Katatedori

    Episode 1

    This is Part 1 of the Nishio Aikido instructional series. This video begins with an introduction by Shoji Nishio Shihan. He shares his thoughts on the nature of aikido, discusses his thoughts on the martial aspects of the art, and warns of pitfalls for aikidoka as they carry the art into the fut...

  • Nishio Aikido: Part 2 Aihanmi Katatedori (kosadori)

    Episode 2

    This is Part 2 of the Nishio Aikido instructional series. Techniques include Joyho kaiten (taisabaki), ikkyo, shihonage, nikyo, iriminage, kotegaeshi, and sankyo. Nishio Sensei demonstrates weapon-based variants of these empty-handed techniques.

  • Shoji Nishio: 1985 Friendship Demonstration

    Episode 1

    This video features a demonstration by Nishio Shihan.

    Nishio Shihan started aikido in 1951 and has extensive experience in judo, karate, as well as other arts. Nishio Shihan is one of the art’s true innovators who possesses a dynamic style built on long years of study in other disciplines. S...

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Koji Yoshida, Nishio Aikido

    Episode 1

    Koji Yoshida Shihan (7th Dan Aikikai) is also 7th dan in Musoshinden-ryu Iaido and 7th dan in Nishio-ryu Toho Iaido.

    This demonstration represents the art and essence of Nishio Aikido and includes Tai-jutsu, Kentaiken (kumitachi), and Kentaijo (boken against jo).