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Nishio Aikido Part 8: Aikido Toho Iai Part 1

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    Stanley Pranin discusses his thoughts on the essence of Aiki in this short discussion segment.

  • Aiki Expo Seminar 2005: Part 1

    Excerpts from classes held at the AikiExpo 2005. Instructors include Christian Tissier, Kenji Ushiro, Vladimir Vasiliev, Koji Yoshida, and Hiroshi Ikeda.

  • Suwari-waza Sumi-otoshi with Bruce Bo...

    An instruction module from Aikido Extensions with Bruce Bookman, an Aikido Journal Academy course. This innovative take on a traditional technique highlights an elegant transition from Sumi-otoshi to Uki-gatame (knee mount control) and finally to a traditional seated nikyo pin.