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2005 Aiki Expo: Vladimir Vasiliev, Systema

Aiki Expo 2005 • 6m 58s

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  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Haruo Matsuoka, Aikikai

    Haruo Matsuoka Sensei (currently 6th Dan, aikikai) is Chief Instructor of Ikazuchi Dojo and Culver City Aikido, and formerly chief instructor of Tenshin Dojo, Los Angeles.

    This demonstration includes a range of techniques applied from Katatedori, Ryotedori, Munedori, Yokomenuchi, Tsuki, Keri...

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Seiji Tanaka, Tomiki ...

    Seiji Tanaka Shihan (8th Dan, Tomiki Aikido) originally studied Tomiki aikido in Japan. He then relocated to Colorado, United States. He is the founder of the Colorado Aikido Association and has served as Board Chairman of the Japan Aikido Association USA since 1990.

    This demonstration inc...

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Koji Yoshida, Nishio...

    Koji Yoshida Shihan (7th Dan Aikikai) is also 7th dan in Musoshinden-ryu Iaido and 7th dan in Nishio-ryu Toho Iaido.

    This demonstration represents the art and essence of Nishio Aikido and includes Tai-jutsu, Kentaiken (kumitachi), and Kentaijo (boken against jo).