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Patricia Hendricks Interview: Part 1

Interviews and Lectures • 19m

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  • Patricia Hendricks Interview: Part 2

    In part two of our interview with Hendricks Shihan, she gives guidance to emerging leaders in the aikido world, talks about her experience with uchi-deshi programs, shares her thoughts on why Stanley Pranin selected Josh Gold as his successor, and gives some brief thoughts on the future of aikido...

  • Stanley Pranin: On the post-war Aikikai

    Stanley Pranin discusses the post-war Aikikai during a Q&A session in 2016. This was one of the last of such events Pranin Sensei led before his passing in 2017.

  • An Aikido Odyssey: Christian Tissier

    This one-hour special on Christian Tissier Shihan was produced by Aikido Journal at the 2005 Aiki Expo. The video includes an in-depth interview with Tissier conducted by Stanley Pranin in French (English subtitles), detailed technical demos, and footage from his seminar instruction at the Expo.