Aiki Expo 2005

Aiki Expo 2005

2 Seasons

The third and final Aiki Expo, a revolutionary series of seminars organized and led by Stanley Pranin. High-level instructors from a range of martial arts joined together for this landmark event in 2005. This collection currently contains only a portion of the demos. Additional 2005 Aiki Expo content will made available soon.

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Aiki Expo 2005
  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Christian Tissier (Aikikai)

    Episode 1

    This 2005 demonstration with Christian Tissier Shihan includes both Kashima style sword and traditional aikido. The traditional aikido attacks include Yokomenuchi, Ryotedori, Shomenuchi, Tsuki, Katatedori, Keri, and Keri Yokomenuchi.

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Katsuyuki Kondo, Daito-Ryu

    Episode 2

    Katsuyuki Kondo, Daito-Ryu Aikijujitsu Hombu-Cho. Kondo Sensei is the only person who received a Menkyo Kaiden certificate directly from Tokimune Takeda.

    In this demonstration, he uses ten different techniques to show seven kinds of aiki.

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Patricia Hendricks, Iwama Aikido

    Episode 3

    Patricia Hendricks Shihan, (currently 7th Dan, Iwama style).
    Hendricks Shihan spent more than 7 years as an uchideshi under Morihiro Saito. She is the founder of Aikido of San Leandro, leads division one (the Iwama division) of the California Aikido Association, and is the first "menkyo kaiden...

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Koji Yoshida, Nishio Aikido

    Episode 4

    Koji Yoshida Shihan (7th Dan Aikikai) is also 7th dan in Musoshinden-ryu Iaido and 7th dan in Nishio-ryu Toho Iaido.

    This demonstration represents the art and essence of Nishio Aikido and includes Tai-jutsu, Kentaiken (kumitachi), and Kentaijo (boken against jo).

  • 2005 Aiki Expo Demo: Bill Gleason, Aikikai

    Episode 5

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Jose Andrade

    Episode 6

    Jose Andrade Shihan (currently 7th Dan, granted by Kokusai Budoin Headquarters, Int’l Martial Arts Federation, in Japan). Andrade Shihan has studied for many years in mainline Aikido schools, as well as many other styles of martial arts (wrestling, boxing, judo, jujutsu, kung fu, kobujutsu, karat...

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Patrick Augé, Yoseikan Budo

    Episode 7

    Patrick Auge Shihan (7th Dan) is the North American representative of Yoseikan Budo, founded by Minoru Mochizuki.

    The demonstration features young students from Yoseikan Budo executing kumitachi, kata (both punches and kicks), ashi barai, and various throws from a variety of attacks includin...

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Greg Fernandez, Jodo/Jujitsu

    Episode 8

    Greg Fernandez (7th dan Judo / Jujitsu). Over the years, Fernandez Sensei has won 30 national titles including USA Judo National Champion.

    The demonstration includes empty hand, tando dori, tachi dori and handgun. The attacks simulate real-life situations (punching, kicking and grabbing fro...

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Gaku Homma, Nippon Kan

    Episode 9

    Gaku Homma, Founder of Aikido Nippon Kan in Denver, trained in Iwama and at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo under aikido founder Ueshiba Morihei and Morihiro Saito in the late 1960s. Homma moved to Denver, Colorado, and founded the Nippon Kan as an independent dojo in 1978. 

    This demonstratio...

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Dang Thong Phong, Aikikai

    Episode 10

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Bruce Bookman, Tenzan Aikido

    Episode 11

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Haruo Matsuoka, Aikikai

    Episode 12

    Haruo Matsuoka Sensei (currently 6th Dan, aikikai) is Chief Instructor of Ikazuchi Dojo and Culver City Aikido, and formerly chief instructor of Tenshin Dojo, Los Angeles.

    This demonstration includes a range of techniques applied from Katatedori, Ryotedori, Munedori, Yokomenuchi, Tsuki, Keri...

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Kenji Ushiro, Shindo Ryu Karate

    Episode 13

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Seiji Tanaka, Tomiki Aikido

    Episode 14

    Seiji Tanaka Shihan (8th Dan, Tomiki Aikido) originally studied Tomiki aikido in Japan. He then relocated to Colorado, United States. He is the founder of the Colorado Aikido Association and has served as Board Chairman of the Japan Aikido Association USA since 1990.

    This demonstration inc...

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Vladimir Vasiliev, Systema

    Episode 15

    Vladimir Vasiliev, Instructor of Systema

    Vasiliev was a Special Operations Unit professional in Russia before relocating to Toronto, Canada to open a training academy. Systema is a Russian martial art that includes hand-to-hand and close-quarters combat.

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: James Williams, Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho

    Episode 16

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Toby Threadgill, Shindo Yoshin Ryu

    Episode 17

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Mikahil Ryabko, Founder of Systema

    Episode 18

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Lia Suzuki, Aikikai Aikido

    Episode 19

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: David Dye, Shuyokan Ryu Aikido

    Episode 20

    2005 Aiki Expo: David Dye, Shuyokan Ryu Aikido

  • Aiki Expo 2005: Todd Jones, TaeKwonDo & Aikikai

    Episode 21

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Hitohiro Saito, Iwama Aikido

    Episode 22

  • 2005 Aiki Expo: Hiroshi Ikeda, Aikikai

    Episode 23